About Us

Our Story


 We are a local South Lake Tahoe Band! Our group was cemented together through a love of music and a passion for creating. We play everthing from classic rock and blues to folk and Jazz. We are also song writers! We love performing and connecting with our audience!

What Inspires Us


        Despite sharing many of the same interests and pastimes, we all are inspired by different things that lead us to work seamlessly in a creative setting. We collaborate on how to make a classic  our own so we are all invested in each song and its meaning. We also love to improvise.

Our Influences


       Our music blends rock, acoustic melodies, and blues to create a unique sound  for cover songs we love.  personal and inspired by our own lives. We have a long list of influences from  Hendrix, Dylan, Amy Winehouse, The Doors, Tom Petty, and so many more!

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